About Us

STARKO-SH, s.r.o.

STARKO-SH is a company with more than 25 years of tradition, founded in 1993. The focus of its business is cutting, bending and surface treatment of metallurgical material. Since its establishment, the company has been trying to create a stable place and a good reputation among current and future customers and to attract attention in the Slovak market for secondary steel processing.

At present, the company is a manufacturing company with a stable customer portfolio. It delivers its products to customers in the form of custom production following the specific requirements of the customer. The quality of the product and services is also demonstrated by the fact that in many cases employees work with the Just in Time System. This is possible not only due to the exact delivery time, but also due to the quality of the product.

The company uses its own premises for its activities with an area of approx. 5 700 m2, own transportation, top technology and especially, quality human potential.

From warehouse space, through burning equipment and material surface treatment equipment, production workshops and workshops designed for surface treatment, the purchasing department, customer department, programmers to financial, manufacturing and business management… The company prefers teamwork to make the final product ready for maximum customer satisfaction. It provides its services mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also to big companies recognized in the machinery industry.